Project Concept

Tides, once gentle, now arise. The sea's silent outcry nears, in the hush of twilight's tears. Rising sea levels, a stark consequence of climate change, threaten coastal communities and ecosystems. Melting glaciers and the thermal expansion of seawater are driving this perilous trend. Meanwhile, the sea and marine life are suffering from littering, plastic, and microplastic pollution produced by human beings. Even now, the Japanese government still chose to release treated wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean. Urgent action is needed to mitigate these effects, safeguard our shorelines, and protect the millions of people living in vulnerable coastal regions.

Design Content

The installation serves as a powerful reminder that the global community must unite and act swiftly to combat the effects of climate change. We collected these unwanted old knitwear in Melbourne as a symbol of sustainability, and to promote the idea of recycling and reducing waste, aligning with the protest against overconsumption and waste. They are connected in a rising trend by threads pulled out of them. Every piece is tattered and broken, just like the vulnerable ocean, rising sea levels, and the chain reactions it brought. While the threads are intertwined, just like human beings, the sea, and the planet share the same destiny while facing global issues.




Mengyuan Huang (Concept Researcher & Creator, Team Leader)
Mengyuan is responsible for the overall team management. She also takes part in researching and generating conceptual ideas, along with mockups, image-making for social media usage, and installation.

Xinqing Liu (Concept Creator)
Xinqing is responsible for concept design development in the early stages, then the title design, including creating mockups and techniques used in the final installation.

Xinyuan Zhang ( Concept Creator, Social Media Content Creator)
Xinyuan is responsible for concept design development in the early stages, then social media content, including planning and creating copy work and images.

Xin Li (Soundtrack designer, Modeling)
Xin is responsible for concept design development in the early stage, especially for soundtrack design and development. He is also in charge of modelling for the group’s outcome using Sketchup.