Project Concept

People nowadays are destroying the ecosystem in order to benefit themselves to some extent. This kind of relationship between humans and nature can be concluded as Parasitism.
An opposite relationship to Parasitism is Symbiosis, which is a close relationship that can have a beneficial or neutral effect on both. This can also reflect a positive or possible future relationship between humans and nature. Our concept for the exhibition has some common focus with Gyorgyi Galik’s studies. Gyorgyi Galik’s project expertise in the fields of social design, environmental health, etc. What’s more, one of her projects is about the conversations of futures, changes in human behavior, sense-making, and speculative design. These inspired the use of exhibitions to evoke a conversation with the public about the concept by using speculative and critical design approaches.
The questions left after attending the exhibition to the audience thinking about the possibilities of the future are what relationship between people and nature throughout the timeline from past to now and the future, should it be Parasitism or Symbiosis?
If human beings want to achieve the relationship into Symbiosis, what can we do?

Design Content

1. Plant Hospital
2. Plant Trafficking

Plant Hospital

Organ Trafficking


Beth Lee (Concept and Video Creator)
Beth is responsible for video concept development and quality control of the whole shooting process.

Echo  He (Concept and Video Creator)
Echo is responsible for video concept development and quality control of the whole shooting process and editing.

Chin-Wen Hsu (Concept Creator)
ChinWen is responsible for the concept development along with supporting video filming.

Joy Nguyen (Concept Researcher)
Joy is responsible for researching and modifying the plant museum concept.

Rebecca Zhang (Video Developer)
Rebecca is responsible for researching and participating in filming the plant hospital.

Yula Zhao (Modeling / Video Developer / Team Leader)
Yula is responsible for managing the group. She is also in charge of researching and participating in filming, and mockup group’s work in 3D models.
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