Project Concept

Heat-Driven Wildfires in Australia" is an immersive and thought-provoking exhibition that delves into the alarming impact of rising temperatures on the frequency and intensity of bushfires in Australia. Through a unique blend of data visualization, innovative use of match devices, and precision laser cutting on wooden boards, this exhibition aims to ignite a deep understanding of the connection between climate change and the escalating threat of wildfires.

Design Content

1. future dots
Each board, marked with varying burn levels, portrays the past and foretells the future, graphically linking rising temperatures to the escalating peril of Australian hill fires. The artful creations serve as a stark warning: the threat posed by hill fires is imminent and demands our attention. 'Igniting Awareness' is a call to acknowledge the urgency of climate change, urging us to protect our environment and vulnerable ecosystems.

2. movement
A captivating portrayal of the escalating hill fire crisis in Australia. This unique artwork employs matches as its primary medium, forming a striking trend diagram that boldly highlights the relentless surge in hill fires. The matches, with their inherent symbolism of flammability, evoke a visceral connection to the subject matter. Their fiery red hue commands attention, igniting a sense of urgency in viewers. As you behold this masterpiece, the rising sea of matches serves as a stark visual testament to the pressing need for action, compelling us to awaken to the peril of climate change and its fiery consequences.

3. Red light
Brought to life through precision laser cutting. This dynamic artwork not only outlines the nation's geographical contours but also visually conveys the alarming temperature fluctuations across different regions. To accentuate the regions experiencing a yearly rise in temperature, vivid red matches are carefully affixed, creating a stark juxtaposition against the wooden backdrop. This vivid contrast serves as a powerful visual warning – a call to attention. The increasing redness signifies a heightened risk of hill fires, prompting viewers to grasp the urgency of climate change's impact on Australia and the imperative to safeguard its landscapes and communities.



Mengyuan Huang (Concept Researcher & Creator, Team Leader)
Mengyuan is responsible for the overall team management. She also takes part in researching and generating conceptual ideas, along with mockups, image-making for social media usage, and installation.

Xinqing Liu (Concept Creator)
Xinqing is responsible for concept design development in the early stages, then the title design, including creating mockups and techniques used in the final installation.

Xinyuan Zhang ( Concept Creator, Social Media Content Creator)
Xinyuan is responsible for concept design development in the early stages, then social media content, including planning and creating copy work and images.

Xin Li (Soundtrack designer, Modeling)
Xin is responsible for concept design development in the early stage, especially for soundtrack design and development. He is also in charge of modelling for the group’s outcome using Sketchup.